Thanks KLM

Last week, my son Mihnea was playing with some toy-letters on the kitchen table, spelling different words. Small words, he’s only (almost) 4, after all. Since I was playing with the phone anyway, I thought to take a picture with him playing and tweet it. Much to my surprise, he just wrote KLM on the […]

I want to ride my bicycle

So, I’ve got a new bike! I ordered it online on Sunday (I think) and today it was delivered to my door. After about an hour of DIY it was ready to go. You know what they say, “it’s like riding a bike” – damn true Β πŸ™‚ Haven’t rode one in years, but it seems […]

Bine ati venit in Birchwood, Warrington

Buun, deci am ajuns si aici. Incepand de Joi seara (17.Mai.2012) suntem rezidenti “cu acte in regula” in Birchwood, Warrington. De ce ne mutam aici? Pai pentru ca, in primul rand, oricat imi place mie sa conduc, drumul pana la serviciu si inapoi incepuse sa ma calce pe nervi in ultima vreme. De cand am […]

Star Wars – Space48’s own version

Why? Because we can! πŸ™‚ And because we’re pretty much nerds/geeks when it comes to SciFi and especially Star Wars Jo, the “design mastermind” here at Space48 created a brilliant poster about the “Star Wars Day”, starring Stan πŸ™‚ May the 4th be with you all!


What changes? Blog theme changes, of course πŸ™‚ Why? Getting bored on a Sunday afternoon, I guess. Well, since my wife changed the appearance of her blog, I thought “why not?” – and there you go. Don’t know if I managed to do it, but the new theme is supposed to be “summer-ish”, kinda. Another […]

National Health System

Sau, pe scurt – NHS. Asta este sistemul de sanatate “de stat” al Britanicilor. Inainte de toate, spun doar ca povestea ce urmeaza este iar un motiv pentru care, ca roman, sa te dai cu capul de pereti cand realizezi inca o data ca Britanicii sunt cu cateva sute de ani inaintea Romaniei, din pacate. […]

the almighty peppers

Destul de tarziu scriu iar pe blog, stiu, dar acum am avut ceva timp sincer, lately. Postul asta nu se vrea o cronica de concert sau ceva, e doar… an amazing experience which i was lucky to be part of πŸ™‚ Pe 15 Noimebrie am avut IMENSAAAA placere sa merg la un concert RHCP in […]


Since its Halloween AND since I woke up an hour earlier than usual Β todayΒ Β (stupid daylight saving…), I thought it would me nice of me to share our first Halloween Pumpkin in the UK on the blog πŸ™‚

my own “indian” summer

Guess who’s back! Yeap, je! πŸ™‚ What’s got into me to write at this hour, on my blog (it’s 23:40 now)? No clue, maybe because in the last couple of weeks the database server for this blog was functioning at its own will, and since i just fixed it (i hope!) i thought it will […]

Leeds Festival, Bank Holiday

Cum n-am mai scris de ceva vreme (putin spus!) pe blog si cum tot am unul,zic hai sa scriu iar un pic despre latest events de pe-aci. In ordine cronologica, am fost la Leeds Festival, pe care l-am asteptat de cand am ajuns in Regat si mi-am luat bilet pt ziua de sambata, mai mult […]