Changes. Big Changes!

I’ll try to keep this short. So, a bit over 6 years ago I was knocking on a new door, having an interview for a “web developer” position. Got the job (phew!) and so an amazing journey started. I do remember we were a handful of people in a tiny office in Birchwood, Warrington.

Lymm Dam – A panoramic view

With such a beautiful day today, all sunny & stuff, I went to see the Lymm Dam, close by (about 8 miles away). Nice view, and since “panoramic views” are my “new s**t”, got the camera with me, the tripod and here’s the result. I’m not going to bother you (or me, again) with the […]

Merry Easter!

So, its almost Easter, end of March and it’s snowing like crazy for the last day or so. You would have thought that after 2 years of being in the UK, the weather shouldn’t surprise me anymore. Well, the hell with that. I thought that it should be sunny or at least warmer, or worst […]

Thanks KLM

Last week, my son Mihnea was playing with some toy-letters on the kitchen table, spelling different words. Small words, he’s only (almost) 4, after all. Since I was playing with the phone anyway, I thought to take a picture with him playing and tweet it. Much to my surprise, he just wrote KLM on the […]

Star Wars – Space48’s own version

Why? Because we can! ­čÖé And because we’re pretty much nerds/geeks when it comes to SciFi and especially Star Wars Jo, the “design mastermind” here at Space48 created a brilliant poster about the “Star Wars Day”, starring Stan ­čÖé May the 4th be with you all!

Leeds Festival, Bank Holiday

Cum n-am mai scris de ceva vreme (putin spus!) pe blog si cum tot am unul,zic hai sa scriu iar un pic despre latest events de pe-aci. In ordine cronologica, am fost la Leeds Festival, pe care l-am asteptat de cand am ajuns in Regat si mi-am luat bilet pt ziua de sambata, mai mult […]

last weekend, part I

buuun… deci, treaba sta in felul urmator: asta este ultimul weekend in ro. tarisoara noastra scumpa si draga. bullshit! hai sa fim seriosi acum – daca ar putea ar pleca din tara muuuuult mai multi oameni. oameni tineri vreau sa zic. dar sa revin. cum ziceam, gata, i’ve had it cu tara asta. drept pentru […]

Spam pe telefon

Cica bajetzii de la Cosmote, dupa ce ca la ei in tara este jale cu studentii, ar fi muscat-o pentru spam pe telefon. Nice. De parca mailul nu era de ajuns…

The lost city of Atlantis has been found. And lost again.

Eu, ca un mare fan a… cam tot ce insemna “Stargate“, am urmarit cam tot ce se poate legat de franciza inceputa in 1994, odata cu lansarea filmului “Stargate“, trecand prin toate cele 10 sezoane ale serialului┬áStargate SG1, cele (aproape) 5 de┬áStargate Atlantis, filmele ce au urmat SG1 pe DVD, “The Ark of truth” si […]

Microsoft tot micro$$oft ramane…

Potrivit Information Week, la doar cateva ore dupa publicarea spre download a noului Service Pack 3, Microsoft primisera deja sute de plangeri despre noul update, mai ales facut public cu titlul de “critical update”. Plangerile au mers pana intr-acolo incat una din ele a fost pusa la modul ‘I downloaded and installed [the SP3] package […]