RetroPie Arcade Controller DIY Build

Made this for some time but I never got to write on my blog about it! I mean… on my own blog! I know I’m not the first one to do this, and definitely not the best build out there, aware of that. The entire thing started when my son found out about “retro games” […]

Media Centre Automation

Today, being Saturday and having a bit of spare time on my hands, seemed like a brilliant idea┬áto have a go at furthering my “skills” with the Amazon Alexa gadget. This time, I wanted to see how an integration between Alexa and the KODI media centre would be like. In simple terms, the workflow is […]

Raspberry Pi Home Media Center

Well, I did it! Finally got my Raspberry Pi to a (very!) good use. Since I got the week off from work, I played (quite a lot) with the new gizmo in town and managed to make it a “home media center”. Which, is AMAZING if I may say so. The first thing was to […]