Well, this is about a song. A beautiful song. A masterpiece, if you ask me. And no, it’s not Deftones, Korn, or SOAD as one might expect from me 😛 I’m talking about Massive Attack’s Teardrop. This is one hell of a song. Brilliant! Genius! It’s one of those songs that you listen, you get […]

“house md” – wannabe site intro

Bestial!!! Nu mai stiu in ce imprejurari am ajuns pe site-ul romatsa.ro si m-a lovit intro-ul ala realizat pe genul genericului de la “house md“, cu piesa “Teardrop” de la Massive Attack (care e o piesa BESTIAAAALA, btw). Cu toate ca nu vad nicio legatura intre un doctor dus cu pluta si un controlor de […]