My 90s Playlist

Ok, it’s no secret that I like music. Even more than that, big fan of 90s music. Of course I am, considering that’s the “era” I was growing up in, cool decade to be a teenager.

image (c)

I wanted to add in this list songs that are triggering any kind of memory/feeling about those years. Some songs I love. Some I hate. Nevertheless, they are triggering a reaction, like I said. So some sort of a “guilty pleasure” playlist.

I’m well over that “oh, I hate that song, will never add it to any of my playlists” crap (comes with age, I guess…) so here it is. My 90s!

The 90s, in my opinion, is the last decade great music was made. All was downhill from there. Shitty music nowadays. I do realise I sound like an old fart now, but don’t really give a f**k 🙂


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