Almost new year

Whoaa! It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog!

So, almost new year. I’ll try not to make the usual “my new year resolution is 1440x……”. Oh sh*t! Just did! 🙂

In “other news”, Santa got my son a PS4 this year, and it was a bundle with the “Uncharted 4” game. Maaaan, that was a really bad decision… The other night I stayed up until almost 4am to play. Haven’t done this since I was 20-something. Still recovering, but I think I’ll “temp fate” again tonight, let’s see what happens. Even more so after finishing the session last time, I thought “yeah, I feel like I’m close to finish the game” and noticed that my progress was at about 3% of the entire game! I mean… 3! THREE!!! Something must me done! Will try and stay up late tonight again! 😀

Another new thing is that I got some new speakers to use with my turntable and Alexa, in my living room. Initially got them because they were quite cheap (£40 from the Facebook Marketplace / around £60 new), had to drive to some dude’s house about 7-8 miles to pick them up the yesterday evening.

To start with, I didn’t thought too much of it, the brand means absolutely nothing to me, never heard of it before: “Edifier“?! Apparently, the model is “R980T”. Again, it was supposed to be just a “some new cheap multimedia speakers” thing, but after doing some tests with them today – realised that I made a HUGE mistake thinking that way about them. They are amazing!!! Clean and “pure” sound, and the bass… oh, that BASS! I’m not the one to use big words and stuff, but after listening music all day today with them, they kinda made me “fall back in love with music“! Remembered what difference good speakers can make, especially for vinyl records.

And last, but definitely not least, my son’s got a YouTube channel! Didn’t realised until now he’s that much into gaming. Taking advantage of the feature on the new PS4 I mentioned earlier, to capture both the gameplay and the voice, if you have a mic connected to the “dualshock” controller, He took his first steps into the world of gaming/youtube-ing and stuff. If you go and watch anything in there, bear in mind he’s only 8 yo! 😀

Oh yeah, and a Happy New Year! 🙂


Oh snap! Almost forgot, I’m under https now, you’re safe! 😀

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