Changes. Big Changes!

I’ll try to keep this short.

So, a bit over 6 years ago I was knocking on a new door, having an interview for a “web developer” position. Got the job (phew!) and so an amazing journey started. I do remember we were a handful of people in a tiny office in Birchwood, Warrington.

The reason for this “sudden nostalgia” is that las Friday was going through my drawers in the office and found this gem:

Optimise Internet

Although most people know us as “Space 48“, the company started as “Optimise Internet”.

Now, the reason why I was going through my drawers in the first place is that we’re moving offices. We decided that Birchwood isn’t enough for us anymore and so we’re moving to Manchester. And I mean the City Centre, you can’t go any more “central” than that.

Of course, we’re not just a “handful” of people anymore (more than 30 now if I remember correctly), and I’m not just a “web developer” anymore (“Technical lead” currently).

This is us getting our stuff together getting ready for the “big move” on Friday:

And here’s a few images from what awaits starting Monday (9th/10) morning, shots taken by my colleague Adam Moss (@adampaulmoss on instagram):

We also have a new “hashtag” we’re using on Twitter and other social media sites to let everyone know “we’re coming”: #InvadingMcr so keep your eyes on that one for (a lot of) new images in the next few days.

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