Merry Easter!

So, its almost Easter, end of March and it’s snowing like crazy for the last day or so. You would have thought that after 2 years of being in the UK, the weather shouldn’t surprise me anymore. Well, the hell with that. I thought that it should be sunny or at least warmer, or worst case scenario just rain, but no – it’s freakking SNOWING! And damn windy! And its not just in the NW, it’s in the entire country.

Here’s what says its going to be for tonight and for the next 3 days:

forecast forecast1


I actually feel like Santa is going to show up any minute now. I’ll probably need some muled wine to paint the entire picture and that’s that! Well, whatever, it’s warm and cozy indoors and I’ve got some episodes of “Heroes” (great show, btw) to watch tonight, so “Merry Easter, everyone!” 🙂

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