my own “indian” summer

Guess who’s back!

Yeap, je! 🙂 What’s got into me to write at this hour, on my blog (it’s 23:40 now)? No clue, maybe because in the last couple of weeks the database server for this blog was functioning at its own will, and since i just fixed it (i hope!) i thought it will be nice of me to drop a line or two 🙂

The title of the post is, of course, related to the weather for the last week here. It was what they call an “indian summer” that seems to be a period of very warm weather every year, at the end of the summer. When you least expect it, i mean. So this week we had somewhere around 27 Celsius. Trust me, that was pretty hot, when you compare it to the 12-14 we had for the last month, or the lower we’ll get next.

So, today we went out in the park. “We” meaning my son – Mihnea (or Andrew, how they call him in the nursery school), my wife – Andreea and, of course, yours truly. It was a beautiful day, very hot, as i mentioned earlier, and my son was in the mood for running. Well, he’s always in the mood for running, to be honest. Anyway, with this ocasion I took some lovely pictures, one of them being my new favourite. The rest of the album you can find it here.

Oh, and maybe you have already noticed that the post is in English. Why? Well, because its my blog and i can do whatever the hell i want here, right? It’s like the FourSquare thing, I’m the mayor here :)))

Whatever… see you around, going to sleep now.