DIY: Alcove built-in computer station

Yesterday was a good day for… building an alcove computer desk, turns out 🙂 Ignoring the rain outside, was set out to do what we had in plan to do with an alcove in our master bedroom.

The backstory

When we bought the house, its no secret me being a complete novice with diy-ing and stuff. Even taking the correct measurements for furniture turns out was a difficult task. So took the wrong ones, not taking the skirting boars into account. Went to Ikea and found the right wardrobe that fits the alcove. Boy, was I surprised after building it and noticed it doesn’t actually fit!

And being a bit lazy, just left it in there as it was. “For the moment” as I remember putting it at the time. Of course, planning to taking the skirting board out, in the near future. That was to years ago 😀

Or, can I blame it on “don’t have the right tools for the job”? No? Didn’t think so…

Anyway – time has passed and we got kinda sick and tired of that wardrobe sticking out and taking out a lot of space. So, we made plans of dismantle it. It gave me a great deal of pleasure un-mounting an Ikea piece of furniture. For some reason I found it really satisfying 😀

The building part

We had in another room a “stand-alone” computer desk we bought around the same time. When we moved in, that is. So dismantle that one as well. Was giddy of  making use of the jigsaw that was just waiting in a cupboard. Yeah, got one of those in the meantime). So plugged it in and made the desk-tops smaller, to fit in the alcove.

There is still one tiny problem with the monitor, being a bit too wide to fit exactly in that alcove, and it went in a a bit of an angle. Lazy again, didn’t wanted to make a mess in the bedroom for now with tearing down just a bit on concrete/plaster from the walls to make it fit. We have in plan to revamp the entire bedroom at some point anyway, maybe then.

Either that, or getting a slightly smaller monitor – this one is a 28inch.

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty ok(-ish) for a day’s diy work.

And (drumroll) here’s the outcome:

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