Thanks KLM

Last week, my son Mihnea was playing with some toy-letters on the kitchen table, spelling different words. Small words, he’s only (almost) 4, after all. Since I was playing with the phone anyway, I thought to take a picture with him playing and tweet it. Much to my surprise, he just wrote KLM on the table and without actually thinking to much, took the picture and uploaded it on Twitterย with a “shout” (? I have no ideea what its called actually) to @KLM_UK and completely forgot about it.

KLM play

The next day, KLM_UK actually replied to my twitt thanking me for sharing the picture with them.


In the evening they sent me a private message asking for my home address for sending Mihnea a “little treat”.

Let me be clear, that was awesome! I was in shock the entire day! I mean, it was totally unexpected, for KLM, a really big company, to reply to one of my tweets.

Today, Tuesday (19/02/13) in the post, Mihnea’s “little treat” was delivered. A little plane and a pen, along with a “thank you” letter for me, for interacting with them on Twitter. Do I need to tell you that I took a photo with Mihnea and his new toys and again, shared it on Twitter with KLM? ๐Ÿ™‚ And, to my BIG surprise they replied again this time from their main account, @KLM.


The point of this post is not to advertise KLM (although they do deserve it), but to express both mine and my son’s gratitude, it’s awesome that with just a twitt, a big company like them wanted to send him a little something, it was very thoughtful indeed.

Well, after all, can’t blame them, I do have a beautiful little fella, don’t I? ๐Ÿ˜›

A big “Thank you”, KLM!

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