sIFR 2 – vulnerabilitate scrie ca o “gaura” de securitate s-a descoperit zilele astea pentru sIFR 2. Eh, ce sa-i faci daca ruleaza jav(r)aScript, pe care personal il urasc… 🙂

“Yesterday, a security vulnerability was found in sIFR 2 and 3. Malicious websites can trick visitors into running JavaScript code on domains hosting sIFR movies. No exploits are known. If you are currently using sIFR 2, you are advised to update to version 2.0.3”

A aparut deja si un patch de securitate, pe pagina originala.

3 thoughts on “sIFR 2 – vulnerabilitate

  1. vezi ca zilele astea inseamna de prin decembrie anul trecut 🙂

    2.0.3 e mai vechi, de prin iunie/iulie anul trecut.

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